The Main Premises of Yoga
Yoga Premises
What is Yoga?
Where does Yoga come from? What is its history? How...
Breathing may be one of the most important things...
Basic Sitting Positions
You will find all the different sitting positions, how to...
Bhanda means lock. There are three main locks in...
Mudra means beforehand positions. Every finger is associated...
The Benefits of Yoga
There are many benefits associated with Yoga...
More premises of yoga
Finally, an easy and very effective step-by-step...
Many people confuse meditation with relaxation...
Women's Yoga
Did you know a woman has eleven moon centers? Do you...
Men's Yoga
Yoga positions for men. Yoga sets. Yoga video. Food...
Healing & Health
The Secrets's yoga to the body and the mind...
The Pillars of Yoga
What is the main foundation of Yoga? The very...
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A Wish and a Dish

‘A Wish and a Dish’ is a tradition established by the Siri Singh Sahib in order to honor the sacrifices of the Khalsa Panth after the attacks on the Golden temple complex in the assault named Akal Takhat.This tradition is recognized every 6th of the month, and on important celebrations such as Guru Ram Das birthday every October 9th.Yogi Bhajan’s lecture on March 6 1993"So it is a privileged day... continue

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The 7 - Day Cleanse

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The Beauty of the Sequence

THE BEAUTY OF THE SEQUENCE- A PHOTO ESSAY OF THE ASHTANGA PRIMARY SERIES WITH MODEL TEACHER ALEXIA BAUER The Beauty of the Sequence: Kickstarter video from Kristie Kahns on Vimeo.... continue

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Is Hot Yoga Safe?

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Doctor's Orders: 20 Minutes Of Meditation Twice a Day

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The World's Happiest Man Is a Tibetan Monk

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I AM A SIKH by Snatam

... continue

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New Yoga Articles
The 7­Day Cleanse
This Cleanse program is not for pregnant, or nursing women. Not for people with a serious life threating condition. his seven day cleanse is not a crash diet, or liquid fast... continue

When this time of year rolls around, I get very excited for eating a lot of food and sitting around the table with my family. It is not often enough that we are grateful for the sake of being grateful... continue

Yoga is Dope
I recently had the experience of teaching yoga to the youth of inner city Boston. Like most wonderful things in life, it happened through an unexplainable and nonsensical chain of events... continue

Boosting Your Body and Your Practice with Props
There are many yoga practitioners out there who feel that they have moved beyond props. You may know them or you may have seen them before, stretching to the point of strain... continue

Feed Your Brain: Sirsasana
Headstand, or Sirsasana, is at times referred to as the King of the Asanas because it needs to be approached with a great deal of physical awareness. It requires that many different elements be present as it is practiced... continue

Uddiyana Bandha
Part of the joy of being a beginner yogi is listening to the rolling prattle of Sanskrit fluidly undulating off of the tongue of the instructor. For some time, these words can seem meaningless yet their smooth sound has a soothing effect... continue

Asanas and Spirituality
I first exercised my interest in meditation practice at a Buddhist Center housed in the basement of the Social Security building... continue

From the Ground Up
Being so far away from our mind and our face, it can be quite easy to forget about our feet. Feet are perhaps the least loved of all body parts. Many people don’t like the way they look, and as a result wind up covering them... continue

Looking Through The Eyes Of A Teacher
When I realized that I wanted to teach yoga, it was partly because I needed a complete lifestyle change. I always loved the way I would feel after practicing, and I had some experience guiding friends and teens through informal yoga classes... continue

We all go to yoga for different reasons, but there are many results that come which are not always expected. Did you know that asana practice can make you taller? I am sure some of you have been going to yoga for years... continue

The Ascent of Kundalini Energy
Kundalini is a word with many meanings and interpretations. In ancient traditions, it was a type of yoga that was verbally passed down to the student by a Master, Teacher, or Guru. Kundalini Energy is often described... continue

The Real Meaning of Surrender
When I first started taking yoga classes I was somewhat baffled by the consistent reminder to 'let go' or 'surrender' into postures, especially in the more challenging asanas. In these moments I would find myself becoming increasingly... continue

A New Beginning
Regardless of culture, religion, or creed, many walks of life encourage a point of transition, rite of passage, or commitment to growth. Aboriginals are known for taking the walkabout, where a young person goes into the outback alone to survive... continue

Giving Back
Karma Yoga, or yoga in action, is a practice that many people adopt to share their own talents and skills for a greater good. It is not simply the act of doing good, it is the intention of putting work out into the world selflessly for the benefit... continue

Natural PMS Treatments
The female menstrual cycle is an occurrence of the female anatomy that no man could ever fully understand. The first period a young woman experiences signifies... continue

How to open a Yoga Studio
As a yoga practitioner, you may have dreamt about opening a Yoga Studio. It sounds exciting, but it can be a nightmare for people who have never owned their own business ... Continue

Airplane Yoga
Everyday, more people spend more time on airplanes and at airports, experiencing long lines, flight delays, noises, jet lag, connections, uncomfortable seats, bad food, and the like. ... Continue

Mandala is a concentric diagram with spiritual and ritual significance. The word is of Hindu Sanskrit origin and means "essence", "having" or "containing". It can also be translated as "circle-circumference" or "completion"... Continue

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati is an American-born spiritual teacher who is widely known for her work serving the homeless, the poor, and people living with AIDS. She is also a gay activist and a forerunner in the struggle for human rights and religious freedom... Continue

Yantra are sacred symbols traditionally used in Eastern mysticism as instruments for focusing and balancing the mind on a spiritual concept.... Continue

Yoga Month
We all already know about the important growth of Yoga worldwide, which is considered a national phenomenon with more than twenty million people practicing yoga in the U.S. alone. ... Continue

Take a Risk
In our lives, we need to do everything possible to reach our goals, to make a good decision, keeping in mind that we may not always be right. But commitment takes courage.... Continue

Heal your heart with Yoga
It has been demonstrated that when we begin to heal our lives, our hearts begin to heal as well. The determining factor of improvement in heart patients was not how old or how sick they were.... Continue

Natural Anti-Depressant Treatments
Each year the number of patients with clinical depression increases, even though not each case is diagnosed. Antidepressant drugs are the most common treatment for depression, but here are three alternative ... Continue

Natural Treatments for Infertility
Doctors treat infertility with medications and treatments that can be very effective, but the results can take a long period of time and, above all, the road can be emotionally exhausting... Continue

Learn to Love your Body
The image of our body, the way that we see ourselves and how we feel about how others see us, has to do with our present body. Studies suggest that many women of normal weight often see themselves as heavier than what they really... Continue

Advice for Good Nutrition
A balanced diet and correct eating can increase our chances of being healthier as we age. A diet that focuses on anti-inflammatory foods is essential for a long life. Inflammation that is in an excessive form in various layers of the body can create many chronic diseases... Continue

How Yoga Can Help Improve Your Physical Balance
The improved stability and balance that can be achieved through the practice of yoga can help us as well as our parents and grandparents as this can help to prevent falls... Continue

Handstand - Adho Mukha Vrksasana
It’s time to relax and rejuvenate the body. You close your eyes and feel the calmness of your inner self. You slowly work your way to your knees and begin working toward handstand... Continue

Free Yoga Online Classes
Chances are you know how wonderful a steady regimen of yoga is to your health, but the question is, can a beginner really feel comfortable in a class full of experts?... Continue

Yoga DVD´s
Many people search for effective ways to exercise and maintain their physical health and well being every day. As a person becomes older the body may not respond well to the physical... Continue

Yoga Mat
Yoga is an effective, popular, and easy to learn form of exercise. People love yoga for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that yoga requires very little equipment... Continue

Yoga Clothes
Health and well being is a concern for many and choosing the right type of exercise that benefits your needs can be difficult. Many people choose yoga as a form of exercise and therefore need the right... Continue

Yoga Pants
Yoga is a form of exercise that has been in existence for centuries. When you decide to start doing yoga, you should be sure you have the equipment you need and this includes the proper clothing... Continue

Bikram Yoga
Bikram Yoga is an increasingly popular, intense form of yoga which is particularly well-known for the high temperatures in which it is practiced. Also known as Hot Yoga, ... Continue

Yoga Ballet
If you want a fun, easy workout, Yoga Booty Ballet may be just right for you. Combining easy yoga poses, hip-hop moves, and ballet stretches and positions, Yoga Booty Ballet aims to use variety to keep... Continue

Yoga Poses
Yoga is a made up of a serious of poses that are beneficial to the body in their own unique way. Whether you refer to them as poses, postures or asanas, there is something there for everyone,... Continue

Naked Yoga
Naked yoga is the practice of doing yoga without clothing. It has gained popularity in regions that encourage social nudity. Advocates of naked yoga claim that the nude version is easier to perform... Continue

Yoga is a deep and cultural fitness practice that has been used for centuries. Yoga positions are designed to unite your body to your soul, and vice versa. It is a modern workout... Continue

Guna is a Sanskrit word that signifies "rope". In an abstract use of the word, it can signify "subdivision", "species", "type" and generally "uality". According... Continue

Zazen Meditation
Zen is one of the most renowned schools of Buddhism and can be defined as a method that seeks to strengthen the relationship between mind and body, where the biggest goal... Continue

Food that Prevents Breast Cancer
One of the best defenses against breast cancer is having a balanced and healthy diet. Various studies have demonstrated that what you eat and drink can help protect against this disease... Continue

Women and Their Heart
While the chances of having cardiovascular disease in women is much lower than in men, this type of condition rises in women after the age of 60. In fact, after 65 years of age, women tend to have more heart... Continue

Tips for a Better relationship
Yogi Bhajan taught his male students a very important tool in life and relationships. He used to say, "Act, don´t react". It can be very difficult at first to understand what it means to "not react" and how... Continue

The Four Noble Truths
The four noble truths are some of the first teachings from Shakyamuni Buddha. He began his teachings after reaching enlightenment in Bodhgaya, India.  The four noble truths are the heart of the path to Buddhism.... Continue

Yoga and Holidays
While the holiday season can be filled with joy, it can also be a stressful time of year. You may be worried about traveling, money, buying gifts, or even dealing with uncomfortable family situations... Continue

Yoga and Economy
Today's economic crisis is a reality, one that is causing significant stress for individuals and their families. Some may fear the loss of their home, their car or even their job. These unstable financial times. ... Continue

Yoga Skiing & Snowboarding
In order to prepare for the upcoming ski and snowboard season, it is important that you get your mind and body ready. A Yoga class can be very beneficial to this form of excercise. ... Continue

Ramana Maharshi
Of all the thoughts that rise in the mind, the thought 'I' is the first thought. Sri Ramana Maharshi was an Indian sage born on December 30, 1879 in the southernmost region of India... Continue

Indra Devi
Indra Devi was born on May 12, 1899 in Riga, Livonia. She is best known as an early disciple of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and as a reknowned Yoga teacher... Continue

Wise reflections to keep in mind
Our intentions are most important: The act of trying is a force that mediates all aspects of time and space.  To utilize this force we must be irreproachable in our behavior... Continue

The five Vayu and three Dosha
Each of the seven chakras belong to the elemental forces of the body and nature. These regions of the body are called chakras literally meaning air, and they relate to the vital forces of the body... Continue

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, there are three main principles which comprise human physiology. These three energies are referred to as doshas, and they include Vata, Pitta and Kapha.... Continue

100% Yoga
Most Yoga practiced in the U.S. is comprised of some form of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga generally relies on the body to create a wholeness of the self and, perhaps for this reason, most Americans mainly associate Yoga with its postures... Continue

Panchakarma is Ayurvedic's main treatment for purification, detoxification, and cleansing of the body. The literal definition of Panchakarma is "five therapies" which refers to the treatment's five basic procedures for eliminating toxins within the body... Continue

Long Hair Improves Vitality & Meditation
Having hair is an amazing gift. For many Americans hair is not scared as it is in India. Religious literature suggests that God created humans with a great interest, enthusiasm, and conscious effort, and nothing was added, including hair, that might be deemed superfluous... Continue

Putting Service Before Sadhana
In order to prepare the body and mind for accomplishing sadhana, the Hindu term for a spiritual practice, one must first explore three other regions of Yoga. Seva, or service, is the first important principle... Continue

Caring for Earth-Friendly Garments
Many people view their clothes as functional, fashionable or both,  paying no mind to the means and materials employed to produce their attire. By purchasing clothes and shoes made from natural materials such as cotton... Continue

Becoming a Great Yoga Student
Some Yoga practitioners place too much emphasis on their Yoga instructor. Positive studio sessions should not be based on any particular teacher, because all instructors have information and guidance to present to their students... Continue

Laughter Yoga
You've no doubt heard the term "laughter is the best medicine". Well, combine that, with the health benefits of Yoga and you've got one very powerful form of Yoga Laughter Yoga"... Continue

Yoga for Veterans
Practicing Yoga can benefit us both physically and mentally. Yoga can help to condition and heal our bodies while also giving us a sense of calm and peace. Because of this, Yoga can prove very beneficial to Veterans... Continue

Ginger And Yoga
For many Yogis, ginger is a commonly used spice. Combined with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorns, it is often used to make Yogi Tea. When used in Yogi Tea or on its own, ginger can benefit your Yoga practice... Continue

Being vs. Doing
Multitasking is a great technique that allows us to achieve numerous goals in any given day, and technologies such as the computer and cell phone are available almost anywhere we go... Continue

Kundalini Shakti
In the series of published documents titled Tantra, there are many underlying meanings attributed to the images found within its pages. The outward appearance of Shakti does not represent a look... Continue

Yoga Suplies
Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutra, presented in the second chapter of his book five ethical precepts called yamas. The yamas were designed as a basic guideline for living a life of personal fulfillment that also benefits society.... Continue

Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutra, presented in the second chapter of his book five ethical precepts called yamas. The yamas were designed as a basic guideline for living a life of personal fulfillment that also benefits society.... Continue

Created by B.K.S. Iyengar, Iyengar Yoga is a softer style of Yoga which focuses on bodily alignment. Like many other Yoga styles, Iyengar has its roots in Hatha Yoga. It is ideal for individuals who are just beginning Yoga or for those who haven't exercised... Continue

Quieting A Wandering Mind
One-pointedness of the mind and senses, a superior practice as described by Sri Shankaracharya, is not easy to attain. Distractions are common during meditation and often difficult to manage despite our best efforts... Continue

Bhakti Yoga
The word Bhakti means devotion, and Bhakti Yoga may be defined as devotional Yoga. It is considered to be the most natural path for those who are seeking emotional well-being and fulfillment... Continue

Combating Stress With Yoga
Everyone encounters stress at some point in their lives, whether it is related to work, money, relationships or anything else. Stress can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. In fact, science has shown that stress can contribute... Continue

Change is inevitable and, yet, we may react to change in a variety of ways. For some, change can be frightening, scary or sad. For others, change can be exciting or joyous. Sometimes we welcome change, other times we may resist it... Continue

The importance of our Spiritual Name
When we are born, we all receive a name, one generally chosen by our parents. It is our "civil name" which identifies us in our documents and with our peers and, though in some cases it does not please us... Continue

Healing Crystals
Although many people view alternative healing methods as New Age practices, this is often not the case. Yoga, acupuncture, and crystal healing are all ancient practices that have been perfected over thousands of years... Continue

The Common Ground Between Yoga and Ayurveda
If you practice Yoga, you have probably noticed how certain asanas affect your mind and body. Some poses may be easy to obtain and put your mind at ease, while other Yoga poses are difficult and cause you frustration... Continue

Kripalu Yoga
In 1966, a man by the name of Amrit Desai founded Kripalu Yoga as well as the Yoga Society of Pennsylvania. The Society later became the Kripalu Yoga Fellowship. Kripalu Yoga is... Continue

Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis, or manipulating a person's behavior by means of hypnotizing them. This may be in a form of changing one's certain behavior, quitting a habit, or learning to think in a different way... Continue

A Glance at Acupuncture
The word acupuncture is a rough translation combining the Latin words for prick and needle, which is precisely what acupuncture... Continue

A Deeper Look Into Cobra Pose
In order for one to control their mind and body, they must fuse these two parts of the being together to make effective changes. There is a state of being called the disembodied state in which the mind is separated from the body, and this unnatural state can manifest itself in a number of negative ways... Continue

At Home Yoga Relaxation
Many people assume that in order to relax, one must be in a completely relaxed position, like sitting or lying down. Although we intend to relax when we come home after a long day, often times the TV is turned on and Couch Potato Syndrome sets in... Continue

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