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Karma YogaThe teachings of Karma Yoga, also commonly referred to as Buddhi Yoga, were derived from ancient Hindu religious texts called the Bhagavad Gita. Karma is the idea that every action a person performs will cause another action to happen to them that reflects the nature of the first. A person’s true intentions can be discovered through their karma. There are four supporting Yoga practices that deal with the foundation of Yoga, and Karma Yoga is one of them. The idea of karma is not a threat for one to do good things or they will be punished, but rather a way of living that brings one love and spiritual superiority. Karma directly relates to Yoga as many Hindi teachings do.  

Karma translates into action as yoga translates into union. The combination of these two words to form a Yoga practice is interpreted as becoming unified through actions. Karma, however, is not just actions; it is also thoughts and choices. The word dharma, which means duty, is also mentioned a great deal whenever karma or Karma Yoga are discussed. Living as a moral being is not just about karma, it is one’s dharma. Living to fulfill a duty has its rewards, but they are not material and one should not seek them out. If a person has done good things in life, good things will be returned to them.

In Yoga scriptures it is said that one must practice Karma Yoga to obtain enlightenment.

The Bhagavad-Gita is a compilation of stories and conversations that convey lessons, which is very similar to the methods used in the Bible. Karma Yoga is described by a chariot driver for Prince Arjuna called Krishna. The prince speaks of a family quarrel that leaves him distressed and Krishna relates Yoga practices to his feelings, one of which is Karma Yoga. Krishna also emphasizes that the prince should do what is right, and not expect a benefit in return. Karma Yoga is a tool that allows people to reflect on their skills of analysis and develop a deeper sense of self that can lead to unlimited happiness.   






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