Naked Yoga

Naked YogaNaked yoga is the practice of doing yoga without clothing. It has gained popularity in regions that encourage social nudity. Advocates of naked yoga claim that the nude version is easier to perform because there are no physical limitations from clothing. They celebrate breaking taboo and are happier not paying for expensive yoga clothes.

Naked yoga is encouraged for one to rid physical insecurities. Participants are motivated by the freedom of being nude whether in the home or in a yoga studio. There are yoga studios that welcome naked participants. They are encouraged to shed their clothes with their insecurities and look closely at their bodies. The belief is that the body is a temple and is to be celebrated no matter the size or shape. With this open mindset, members do not fear removing their clothes but actually look forward to being with people who share the same ideas. Licensed naked yoga studios have limitations in place to protect the members. They do not have windows, the door is always locked, they do not allow walk ins and they screen for discretion. They also do not allow observers or photography during sessions. If you come to a class, you are to participate.

There are currently mixed gender classes but some instructors are limiting their classes to just men or just women. This would minimize the sexual tension as well as fear of being judged. If you don’t feel you could participate in a public naked yoga studio, try it at home first and become comfortable with it. People who have attended the classes in a studio say that their insecurities disappeared after 10 minutes. The idea behind naked yoga is the same with standard yoga- perfect your style and learn the poses not worrying about what is going on around you or any physical issues. The principle of yoga is to unite the body, soul and mind and just because the practice is being done without clothes does not make it a sexual experience. Once this concept is accepted, it will be easier to join a class for naked yoga and not carry with you any insecurities or self consciousness.