Nude Yoga

The Other Side of Nude Yoga

Nude YogaNude Yoga, also referred to as Nude Aerobics Yoga is not for the faint-hearted. This new form of yoga follows the main principles of all yoga: a peaceful meditation period, the allotted time spent in yoga postures, and a comfortable, natural environment in which yoga is practiced, which many feel is too literally applied to the idea of this bare-skinned experience.

The yogi who practice Nude Yoga feel that clothes hinder their ability to perform natural movements  All living things are born naked, and our nude body is our most natural form of being. Nude Yogi believe that yoga is a natural enlightening experience for the body and mind, and the outer self must reflect this idea.

Nude Yoga is also thought to be a more sanitary form of exercise because clothing can prevent fresh air from circulating inside and around the body. Fungi and bacteria are more prone to grow in moist, warm clothing attached to a sweating person’s body. When a Nude Yogi sweats, the moisture is naturally evaporated rather than soaked up by a garment. When sweat is confined to clothing and a hot body, a foul smell can be more distracting than an odorless nude person.

Aside from personal preference and comfort level, Nude Yoga is healthier for the body. A man’s testicles are attached farther from his body than other parts because they must remain at a cooler temperature for sperm to survive. When a man wears undergarments and articles of clothing that cover this region, the temperature in the testicles rises, which can result in low sperm counts and the lack of male hormone growth. Similar effects may occur in women as well.

Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to their body, but yoga teaches people self-acceptance and the approval of others. It is not about judging someone else or their outside being; people go to yoga classes to better themselves. If you have experienced other forms of yoga, and are looking for a completely new way to express yourself and get a great workout, try Nude Yoga.