What is Bhandas

The locks in the body, also called Bhandas, are intentional muscle contractions, with the aim of redirecting the energy flow within the body. These techniques speed up the rate of Kundalini energy, which allows one to experience higher states of consciousness.

To understand the function of the Bhandas we must understand first how the energy flow takes place in the body. There is a channel of energy that flows INTO the body (Prana), and another channel of energy that flows OUT of the body (Apana ), or the elimination channel.

If both of these energies exist in a great enough amount, they will be redirected to a central channel called Sushmana. When this flow and circulation gets established, the Kundalini energy awakens. It can manifest as neutrality, calmness, an increase in concentration, and clarity.

As the energy rises up through the spine it passes through the energy vertex or Chakras. This produces a blissful and super-consciousness state.

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The Bhandas can redirect the circulation of the blood, energy channels, and proper flow of the spinal fluid to a central channel called Sushamana. This promotes the awakening of the kundalini.

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