Yoga and Postpartum

mother and babyThe 40 days after the baby is born are very important. The yogis believe that the mom and the baby share the same soul for 40 days after labor.

The mom will become the first role model for her newborn. Do not underestimate the subtleties of life because babies will pick up any energy that emanates from their mother, the vibration of her voice, the electromagnetic field (aura) that surrounds her, her state of mind, everything!

In the book “A Mother’s Tears” by Dr. Arlene Huysman, it is reported that 80% of women suffer from some kind of postpartum upset, and that 20-40% report emotional disturbances. This may be due to sleep depravation, still healing from labor, lack of support, etc. All of these factors combined can result in sadness or feelings of being overwhelmed.

That’s why it is important to change your state of mind before you meet the baby. Water is a great mood switcher. You can take a shower or chant a mantra (if you can’t remember any mantra sing a positive song that you like) to uplift you and take away the negativity before you enter in the baby’s room or meet the baby again. 

It is recommended that you take 2 hours naps each day during the first 40 days, taking a nap after breast feeding helps to produce higher quality milk.

mother breastfeedingBreast feeding the baby is good for both baby and mother. The breast milk has specific substances that will keep the baby’s immune system strong. In addition, the act of sucking sends a message to the glandular system to keep shrinking the uterus to the normal size, and to the body to keep producing milk. The doctors say when you stop breast feeding the body picks up the message and stops producing milk too. So even when the baby is premature, or sick, or any other motive that will prevent the baby from breast feed it is recommendable to keep pumping the milk yourself so the body will keep producing it when the baby is recover.

It’s not recommended that you perform Yoga exercises until 3 months have passed. At that pint, start slowly and increase the intensity with time.

After birth, massage your uterus every ½ hour. The following day, massage it every 2-3 hours. Massage it in downward direction with the heel of the hand. You can use a few drops of cold pressed almond oil.

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