Ashtanga – Virabhadrasana B


  1. INHALE. Coming from Virabhadrasana A. Open your arms by your side, parallel to the floor, as in A, B, or C. Palms facing down. Shift the hips forward. Gaze to the left hand. STAY HERE FOR 5 LONG DEEP BREATHS
  2. EXHALE. Straight the right leg, and switch to the right.
  3. INHALE. Open the right foot to the right. Look at the right hand. Bend right knee ninety degrees. STAY HERE FOR 5 LONG DEEP BREATHS
  4. EXHALE. Bring both hands to the floor, and bring the leg back into push up position.
  5. INHALE. Upward Facing Dog
  6. EXHALE. Downward Facing Dog.

The hips are facing forward and the head its looking to the side!!

  • When possible bend the knee that is forward ninety degrees, otherwise bend it slightly or keep it straight, as the variations show.
  • Push slightly the bend knee back. Keep the hips facing forward.
  • Gaze at the hand.
  • Maintain the Bhandas engage at all times.

Virabhadrasana B1

Virabhadrasana B2
Photo B

Virabhadrasana B3
Photo C

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